Labels for extreme conditions.

Chemlabels are chemical-resistant labels for medical laboratories. The labels are designed to withstand extreme conditions and a number of common laboratory chemicals, such as xylene, ethanol, acetone and acid/basic solutions. Furthermore, they do not absorb colour from the staining solutions used in histology and cytology.

High printing quality.

Chemlabels always offer a high image density and contrast with sharp detail, providing a solid specimen identification solution for both visual and automatic methods. The labels can be successfully processed in autostainers and digital scanners, and can be easily scanned with a barcode or 2D code reader.

Furthermore, the labels offer a lifetime warranty for storage and biobank applications. They are also scratch resistant and heat resistant, and the strong adhesive prevents the labels from being accidentally removed.


  • 3.400 labels per roll
  • Label size 22 x 18 mm
  • Ribbon for 2″ and 4″ printers


  • 6.500 labels per roll
  • Label size 48 x 8 mm
  • Ribbon for 2″ and 4″ printers


  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • High heat resistance [150 °C]
  • Scratch resistant
  • Archive friendly