Cool down your embedded blocks, fast.

Cryoplate helps reducing the time needed to chill paraffin blocks prior to cut-up at the microtome, thanks to the latest technology in performance cooling. Perfect results thanks to moisturizing surface


Compact. Low-profile. Lightweight.

Cryoplate 4 is the most compact laboratory cold plate. Thanks to its small footprint and low profile height the instrument needs only a small space on the laboratory workbench, enabling ergonomical operations

Long service life.

Virtually silent operation.

Zero vibrations.


  • Small footprint [33 x 26 cm]
  • Low profile [2.5 cm height]
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Optimal capacity [27 tissue cassettes]
  • Removable plate frame


  • Virtually silent operation [below 10dB]
  • Zero vibrations
  • Anti-frost system [reduced frost build-up]
  • Environmental friendly [135W]