Print on any microscope slide.


Slidebel Duo prints and applies chemical-resistant labels on any kind of microscope slide: no matter color, surface, charge or finish (clipped or straight corners, polished or rough edges, charged or neutral).

Always high quality printing.

Thanks to high resolution thermal printing and latest label technology, every slide is printed with crisp printing quality maintaining always high contrast and sharp details, even for demanding applications such as digital scanning.

High reliability.

The thermal head is safely positioned, avoiding damage due to direct contact with glass.

Durable and trouble-free operation is achieved thanks to precision mechanics, giving an extended reliability of more than 1 million slides.

Compact. Fast. Easy to use.

With an impressive throughput of 20 slides per minute, Slidebel duo is the fastest microscope slide printer on the market. Thanks to its small total area of 34 x 14 cm, Slidebel duo is also very compact, maintaining the workbench free.

The user-friendly functioning makes Slidebel simple and intuitive to use.

Switch cartridges. Keep printing.

Thanks to the use of double cartridges, Slidbel duo offers the possibility to print continuously while reloading new slides. The double cartridges also allow to simultaneously print on different types of slides.

Easy slide loading, efficent slide collection.

The cartridges design allows an easy and fast refill. All the printed slides are comfortably collected after printing.

Native connectivity. Plug-in.

Slidebel Duo can be used as a standalone on-demand microscope slide printer or together with a custom application or connected to the LIS. The printer provides a broad number of options for LIS connectivity and integration:

  • Native Windows drivers
  • NiceLabel/BarTender drivers
  • Direct programming languages, such as EPL/ZPL

Slidebel Duo is optimal for digital scanning.


  • Small footprint [34 x 14 cm]
  • Large slide cartridge [2 x 50 slides]
  • Large output cartridge [35 slides]
  • Compatible with any slide
  • Easy slide loading


  • High print speed [20 slides/min]
  • High resolution [up to 300 dpi]
  • Batch printing/single slide mode
  • Plug-in installation
  • Native LIS connectivity